Glass Chimes Wind Bells with Japanese Style Hand Painting (The Chrysanthemum)

Glass Chimes Wind Bells with Japanese Style Hand Painting (The Chrysanthemum)
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Theme: The Black Chrysanthemum  
Glass wind chimes and wind bells with Japanese style hand painting and hand drawing under themes of sakura, chrysanthemum, morning glory, orchid, fish, rabbit, dragon fly, firefly, natural scenery, cartoon and comic. 
We also accept customer's own designs. 
All patterns are hand-painted with state-of-the-art craftsmanship. 
The wind chimes and bells give elegant crisp sound when there is wind. 
Size : 7*8cm
It is well-known for centuries that chrysanthemum flowers have its medicinal purposes. Not only are chrysanthemum well known for its strong potency to heal, it is also pleasant to look at and making them very popular for decorating purposes. Chrysanthemum symbolizes cheerfulness, optimism, rest, truth, long life and joy. It is also considered to be a noble flower in Asian culture. If you are looking for a cheerful, truth, long life and joy in wedding, birthday, prom party, home and garden decoration or looking for a gift with such hint, wind chimes with pattern of chrysanthemum is a good choice.

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